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Join TMI President, Brent Strehlow, for a 90 minute webinar and learn how developing the right leadership can set your organization at the top of its industry.



Brent D. Strehlow is the founder and President of TMI, and a dynamic Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach and Organizational Consultant. He has been instrumental in helping clients create excellence in 48 states and six countries worldwide. The author of TMI’s acclaimed development program The 6 Levels of Leadership, he also created the company’s innovative new online tool,, and will be publishing his first book in the coming months. An honors graduate of Criswell College, Brent also did Masters Work in Psychology.

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april, 2021

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Building a Championship Team in a Competitive World

In many industries we compete with others who have a similar product, capability or talent.  Your leadership is the difference that leverages your assets to be at the top of your industry.  Join TMI Leadership Consulting President, Brent Strehlow, as he shares real life experiences from building teams in telecom, oil and gas, sports, high tech, government and other industries.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • 4 Ways to determine if you have the “Right Kind of Team”.
  • 3 essentials to building a “Horizontally Cohesive Team”.
  • How to balance strategic vs. operational success.
  • How to speed up by slowing down.
  • Learn a performance analysis tool that will improve performance management.
  • 4 Questions critical to determining whether your weakest player can make it.
  • How to align strategy to roles.
  • 4 keys to creating ownership with your team.
  • The 6 keys to predicting execution success.
  • Looking in the Mirror:  The 5 qualities critical to attracting the right talent.
  • How leadership teams contribute to building the right culture.
  • What the essential values are for building the right culture.