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Our exclusive program, The 6 Levels of Leadership methodology is a comprehensive organizational development process targeted at providing the tools to develop leaders at the executive, management and supervisor levels.  The process combines workshops, assessments, online videos, coaching and a consultative approach to assist the organization to achieve its goals and objectives.

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TMI develops companies and leaders with The 6 Levels of Leadership product. It's a consultative approach to leadership development, performance improvement and culture transformation.



The 6 Levels of Leadership Series Preview

The 6 Levels of Leadership is a solution for Leadership Development for all areas of your organization. In this video we give you a quick preview of what you can expect from The 6 Levels of Leadership Series!

The 6 Levels of Leadership Essential Courses

There are 5 courses that make up The 6 Levels of Leadership. The 3 main courses are The Supervisor’s Tool Kit, The Manager’s Game Plan, and Visionary Leadership. Watch this overview video of these courses!

The 6 Levels of Leadership Series Overview

The 6 Levels of Leadership can assist your entire organization to develop your strategy and culture to ensure long-term success. Discover why companies are choosing the 6 Levels of Leadership in this video series!



Sharpening your Leadership Focus Video Series

Leadership is very situational. You have to adapt with the situations you face. However, many leaders get side-tracked and lose the focus on the right things. This Video Series and Guide are designed to give you the leadership tune up you need and to ensure your focus and potential is reached.

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