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How To Look at Yourself Transparently

How do you gain a transparent look at yourself? In this video we give you tips on what you need to do in order to look at yourself transparently and become a better leader.

How To Communicate with S-style

Did you know that you should be collaborative when working with an S-style? Watch this Take 5 video to find out more tips on communicating with the S-style.

How To Deal with Challenging Employees

What do you do with that employee that is keeping you up at night? Watch this video to find out how to move them from a challenging employee to a high-performing one.



Sharpening your Leadership Focus Video Series

Leadership is very situational. You have to adapt with the situations you face. However, many leaders get side-tracked and lose the focus on the right things. This Video Series and Guide are designed to give you the leadership tune up you need and to ensure your focus and potential is reached.

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