Discover most powerful tool to improve self-awareness


TMI’s one of a kind eLeadership 360 assessment tool is web based and fully automated to handle one report, or your entire management staff.  Data points can be customized, (manager, peer, employees, customers, etc.) and testing is secure and confidential. We assist our clients in determining if 360 is the right tool and if it is the right time to utilize this tool.

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TMI's exclusive eLeadership 360 assessment is the most powerful tool to improve self-awareness.



Developmental vs. Performance Coaching

What is the difference between Developmental and Performance Coaching? In this video we explain the difference and how toutilize the eLeadership 360’s with clear expectations.

eLeadership 360 Certification

Want to know more about getting certified in eLeadership 360? Watch this video to see the 8 reasons why you should register for TMI’s eLeadership 360 Certification Event.

eLeadership 360 Feedback

The eLeadership 360 Feedback is all about gap analysis. In this video we break down a 360 Feedback, and reveal how it helps you to see the gaps between how you perceive yourself, and how others perceive you.



Sharpening your Leadership Focus Video Series

Leadership is very situational. You have to adapt with the situations you face. However, many leaders get side-tracked and lose the focus on the right things. This Video Series and Guide are designed to give you the leadership tune up you need and to ensure your focus and potential is reached.

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