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Our passion is building industry-leading cultures where people are inspired to achieve excellence.  Our focus is on ensuring you have the right leadership, strategy, structure and you a succession plan for long-term viability.  The 6 Levels of Leadership, our exclusive leadership process, is delivered as a consultative partnership to drive business results.

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TMI Leadership Consulting helps you achieve leadership excellence by focusing on strategic formulation, culture change, and assessing and developing talent.



Strategic Framework

Strategic Framework is what a vision is, what a strategy is, and what strategic objectives are. Watch this video to see how Strategic Framework links your strategy to your goals.

Consulting Success Story

Watch this video to see how TMI helped a Fortune 100 company, that had a 28 million dollar budget overrun, turn things around and start choosing the right candidates for their positions.

Knowing Your Strengths

Are you playing to your strengths? Are you spending too much of your time on things that you’re not good at? This 6 Levels of Leadership Series video will help you to Know Your Strengths and become a better leader.



Sharpening your Leadership Focus Video Series

Leadership is very situational. You have to adapt with the situations you face. However, many leaders get side-tracked and lose the focus on the right things. This Video Series and Guide are designed to give you the leadership tune up you need and to ensure your focus and potential is reached.

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