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TMI Leadership Consulting helps organizations build high-performing teams through executive coaching and proven management development processes.

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How would you like to have a “just in time” (JIT) solution for a meeting or presentation on a conflict resolution, sales proposal, reorganization, customer challenge, difficult employee or many other unique situations?

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TMI develops companies and leaders with The 6 Levels of Leadership product. It's a consultative approach to leadership development, performance improvement and culture transformation.



Michael Crosby – President

“I was really happy that Brent did a great job moderating the session.  The team was really enthusiastic about getting the most they could out of it.”

Cameron Ireland – Chief Technology Officer

“The detail I heard, the way it was put across, and how Brent talked about it made me understand it very quickly.”

Janice Gordine – Human Resources Director

“To be able to see that everybody had the same goal and that we’re all ultimately working to the same objective made me feel very differently about those that I’m working with.”

Dominick Sutton – Chief Data Officer

“I thought the presentation style was very good.  I thought it was very relaxed, informative.  It was a lot of information delivered very efficiently, very quickly and in a very thoughtful manner.”

Jay Fox – Managing Director, Product Strategy & Client Services

“Brent actually gave me some great pointers about managing a cross-border team which has been a challenge for me.”

Eric Hayden Shakun – Vice President, Strategy and Operations

“Brent did an incredible job.  Being a global team with operations in New York, London and India it’s a higher bar for the entire team to be able to work together and get on the same page.”

Greg Wood – Director

"I wasn’t sure at the start of the day whether the metrics to measure people were going to be representative of who they are. I think everyone was pleasantly surprised at how good they were.”

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